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About this collection

The documents that you find on these pages are the result of an ongoing arrangement between the Millburn Free Public Library and the Millburn-Short Hills Historical Society. The Society’s collection of local newspapers from the late 19th century and the mid-to-late 20th century provide invaluable week-to-week information about the full range of life in the community. Its newsletter, The Thistle, gives historical analysis and anecdotes about people and events that might otherwise be lost and forgotten.


The mission of the non-profit Millburn-Short Hills Historical Society is to encourage interest in local history, and to preserve and disseminate relevant information concerning Millburn Township. It carries out this mission by the acquisition, preservation, interpretation, and exhibition of artifacts from Millburn's and Short Hills' past, particularly as expressed through its people, architecture, commerce, education, and topography. The Library is pleased to bring its technological resources to the partnership with the Historical Society in making this continually evolving collection available to the public.