Borrowers Services

The Millburn Free Public Library is a member of  the Bergen County Cooperative Library System (BCCLS). Millburn residents who are library patrons in good standing have access to materials from the collections of 70+  participating libraries in Essex, Bergen & Hudson counties. Materials from these libraries are available through loan requests (either through our staff or online) or through walk-in access at any of the BCCLS libraries. BCCLS loan materials are picked up at the Millburn Public Library and may be returned there or in person at any BCCLS library.

NO BCCLS LIBRARY (INCLUDING MILLBURN) CAN CHECK OUT MATERIALS TO ANYONE WITHOUT A CURRENT AND LEGITIMATE BORROWER'S CARD. So please remember to have your card available when you are using Millburn or any other BCCLS library.

Library Cards

Resident Cards Issued To

  • Township residents (including children) or property owners (renewable every 3 years)

Patrons in the following categories may receive courtesy card privileges*

  • Individuals who work in town
  • Non-resident students attending school in town
  • Caregivers who work in town

Non-Resident Pay Cards*
Individuals who do not otherwise qualify for borrowing privileges may purchase an annual membership.  The fee is determined annually based on per-capita library costs.  For 2017, the fees are:

  • $155 per year
  • $100 per year for ages 65 and older

* Courtesy cards and non-resident pay cards must be renewed annually & may be used to borrow ONLY Millburn Public Library materials.  These cards to not provide reciprocal privileges at other libraries. 

Acceptable I.D.

  • New Jersey driver's license with current address
  • Utility bill imprinted with name and address
  • Current rent receipt, lease agreement or tax bill
  • Postmarked envelope with name mailed to street address
  • Letter or pay stub from Millburn/Short Hills employer verifying employment
  • Current report card or tuition payment from school in Millburn/Short Hills

Privacy of Records (according to N.J. Statute 18A:73-43.1-3)

  • Information in patron's record available to cardholder only (this includes children's records)
  • Items on hold may be picked up only with presentation of the card of the patron for whom the item is on hold.
  • The privacy of Millburn patron's records may be overridden only by legitimate Federal agents invoking the Patriot Act.

All registered cardholders MUST present their cards when checking out materials from the library. This policy is a safeguard against fraud and is for your protection. Library cards are non-transferable. The fee for replacing lost cards is $5.00.

Cooperative Lending Programs

Millburn/Summit Reciprocal Borrowing

  • Available to registered resident patrons in good standing
  • Registration renewed annually
  • Most items available for loan
  • Reserves may be placed on items
  • Items borrowed from Summit Public Library must be returned there by patron
  • Policies of lending library regarding overdues, renewals, etc., will apply
  • Services such as inter-library loan, story time registration etc. are not included

Open Borrowing 
(with non-BCCLS libraries)

NOTE: BCCLS ended its participation in Open Borrowing on 12/31/2014 and all walk-in borrowing arrangements at all non-BCCLS libraries have ended.  Please speak with a librarian if the item you need is not available in Millburn or through any BCCLS library. We may be able to get it through Inter-Library Loan. (Summit agreement remains in effect).     

Loan Periods, Renewals, Fines, Overdues

Loan Periods

  • 2 weeks
    New adult books
    Holiday books
    Back issue magazines
    All media 
  • 4 weeks
    Children's & Young Adult books
    All other adult books


Renewal of Millburn items

  • The renewal period is the same as the original loan period
  • Items may be renewed once in person, by phone or online (unless the item is on hold for another patron.)
  • To renew by phone, you must speak with a staff member during open hours.  Renewals may not be made by leaving a voice message. 
  • ***Renewal of BCCLS items is subject to the policy of the lending library***


 DVDs $1.00 per day $10.00
Magazines $  .25 per day $ 5.00
All other materials $  .25 per day $10.00

Overdue Notices and Replacement Notices

  • First overdue notice mailed 14 days past due date
  • Second overdue notice mailed 28 days past due date
  • Third notice (replacement bill) mailed 60 days past due date
  • There is a mandatory replacement fee for lost items

**Your account will be automatically blocked when:

  • Fines of $10.00 (or more) have accrued
  • 10 or more items are overdue
  • Unreturned item is 60 days or more overdue